Adidas / Swedish Football Association
First of all, since Sweden is one of the fastest playing teams in the world and also one of the very best at counter-attacking, do everything you can to reclaim the ball once you lose it. Sweden will turn 52% of counter-attacks into shots. The team excels in threatening and attacking from wide areas and break inside with speed and power, consistently looking to cross the ball into the box. On that account, and this can’t be stressed enough, try to force the Swedish players toward the sidelines and close them down aggressively. If not, there’s a 41% chance that Sweden will successfully move the ball into your penalty area. Swedish attacking players are excellent in breaking away from their defenders, but they also like to challenge 1-on-1, so it’s crucial to close down any extra space between your defensive line and your penalty area. In spite of the danger when the Swedish team moves the ball fast, they’re equally dangerous and consistently one of the best teams in the world on set plays. Sweden uses both top-notch crosses into the box and synced, decisive movements, leading to many attempts on goal. Sweden has an impressive 35% shot ratio on set plays. So make sure to close down running lanes and slow down Sweden’s attackers during corners and free kicks.
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